Top 6 CEOs on Qoorio

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To become a great CEO, you must first be a great and compassionate human being. As the business world is proving to be more sustainable and user-friendly than ever, CEOs have to connect to their employees, clients, and the whole society. Of course, they also have to be perfect at making strategic decisions and financial assessments based on the given situation. That requires a lot of flexibility, skills, and courage. If you are just starting your own business or want to learn more about running a successful company, you might be interested in meeting well-known CEOs, who are sharing their wisdom on Qoorio. Believe us – their wisdom doesn’t stop at just running a business. These people have many skills and hobbies, from traveling to marketing to cooking. And most importantly, everyone on Qoorio has something unique to share, so we are not ranking these people, but rather introduce them to you as equals!

Lukas Yla

If you are looking for inspiration to take calculated risks and bold decisions, Lukas Yla is your guy. Lukas once packed his things and went to San Francisco just to show the world that he is an expert. He did not have a job or any leads – all he had was his brilliant mind and courage. Well, after no time, all the world was reading about Lukas’ brilliant idea to pretend to be a donut delivery guy and give his CV along with the donuts. Needless to say, Lukas had a great career ever since. He is now the CEO at CityBee, a company that introduced and invented a car-sharing service in Lithuania. “Of course, in between the highlights of my life, I put a lot of effort into evolving both as a person and professional. It is a beautiful paradox that to avoid living a boring life, you must be prepared to follow a strict routine and learn the rules of the game,” says Lukas. To learn more about his career, insights, and experiences, meet Lukas on Qoorio!

Lukas Yla new

Thomas Plantenga

As the CEO at Vinted, Thomas Plantenga managed to reshape the company and bring it to a successful international level. The fact that Vinted has become the first and only Lithuanian tech unicorn speaks louder than any words. Of course, beneath all the success, there are a lot of work, hard (and sometimes painful) decisions, failures (we are all humans, right?), and risks involved. During his career, Thomas proved that he knows how to deal with all these things, and is now happy to share his wisdom with others. On top of that, Thomas has worked all across the world, including the US, Argentina, Kenya, Lithuania, and the UAE. He is always ready to share his take on different cultures and how they shape the business world

Thomas Plantenga

Justas Janauskas

The CEO of Qoorio is happy to share his wisdom and stories on Qoorio. The fact that you have found Justas, already proves that his decision to start a marketplace, where people can share their unique experiences and profound knowledge, was a success. It did not manifest in one day, though.

Justas Janauskas

Justas had to make a lot of hard decisions: “fired the whole company and then rebuilt it, bought out partner/shareholders, hired & fired friends.” He is also not a stranger to navigating and running two companies at the same time: “I co-founded and running two companies at the same time: Qoorio and Vieta. It is not an easy mental task. However, doable with the right setup.” And of course, Justas knows what it is like to be the CEO: “I started my career at 14 as a software engineer, and co-founded Vinted after ten years, which grew from a team of 2 to 250+.” You can find all that and much more about Justas on Qoorio. He created a marketplace where people can share their knowledge, and he is a prime example of how to do it!

Indrė Jašelskytė

Throughout her career, Indrė has worked in both small startups and big companies, so she knows how to find the perfect balance and adopt the best practices from each world. Her profound knowledge of the financial industry and strong ambitions eventually manifested into her own company, Finhoc. She is showing the world that women can be as good (if not better) at finance and managing as men. Indrė is happy to share her knowledge on Qoorio, so if you are not certain about your finance or want to learn how to finally take that leap and start a company, make sure to contact her!

Indre Jaselskyte

Džiugas Eidukas

Džiugas is a young CEO with a fresh take on the business world and managing. After his studies in Manchester, Džiugas has decided to come back to Lithuania and share his knowledge there. His passion for robotics and educating youth had intertwined when he started his job as the CEO at Robotics Academy. Through his hard work and innovative ideas, Džiugas proves that robotics can be fun, interesting, useful, and accessible to everyone. Of course, dwelling into the industry of the future requires dedication, risk-taking, and careful planning. “Doing things that haven’t been done before can be equally scary and thrilling,” says the CEO at Robotics Academy.

Džiugas is happy to share his ideas on how to acquire all these skills and become a CEO who inspires everyone around them.

Dziugas Eidukas

Erikas Viršilas

Erikas Viršilas is the man when it comes to the knowledge of how various businesses work. Not only does he have experience running various companies, including BIPA, but he also vlogs about the most interesting business people in Lithuania on his YouTube channel, Proto Industrija. “I am happy that people are interested to learn new things about various Lithuanian businesses and delightful people who spark Lithuania’s growth,” says Erikas.

Throughout the years, Erikas has collected a massive amount of information on how to run a business, used all the best practices to successfully start his own company, and is now sharing his wisdom with others. If you are interested to learn more about Erikas, his business, or his YouTube channel, make sure to contact him on Qoorio!

Erikas Virsilas