The Future of Social Networks: Inspiring Genuine Connections and Realness

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We cannot imagine our world without social networks that connect us to the world and show us how other people live, think, and behave. However, during the last decade, social media became a platform for many people to boost their egos and create fake lives. If that might not seem too harmful at first glance, after dwelling into this phenomenon, we can see how many users are exposed to sadness and a sense of failure after spending too much time on social media networks. That’s because they see fake and brilliant lives instead of something real and genuine. Who wouldn’t get depressed thinking that other people only eat pizza, drink margaritas, and work from beaches of Thailand?

Gladly, social networks of the future are well aware of this problem and start to work on creating genuine connections and promoting truth instead of colorful lies. All of us have flaws, failures, and doubts. That’s how humans are. And there is nothing wrong about it as long as we are aware and inspired to improve.

Experience Sharing

When scrolling through Instagram, you will see a lot of beautiful pictures, memes, funny videos, and perfect moments. That is brilliant, but it lacks one thing that social networks should be offering to their users – sharing of deeper experiences. And then again, we are not trying to generalize things, but rather focus on the bigger picture.

In order to create a curious and conscious society, social networks should start promoting the exchange of experiences and deeper connections. If you are able to touch one person with your story and actually inspire them to make positive changes, you should be proud instead of being depressed that your story did not collect thousands of clicks. And even though niche experiences might not reach viral audiences, they can still make a much bigger difference. Of course, sharing personal experience might be a bit sensitive and exposing, but that is a sign of a mature society.

Quality over Quantity

Many people on social media networks focus on posting daily (or even more) as that boost their visibility and increase their popularity. Most of the time, the quality of the content suffers as these people don’t have enough time to edit, evaluate, and improve their content. However, in the game of numbers, if you post 2-3 times per day, you are more likely to get seen.

Fortunately, new social media networks try to remind people that we all should prioritize quality, even if that means a bit less popularity or clicks. In the future, people on social networks will be able to review and evaluate content. This way, all the creators will be encouraged only to share their ideas/work when it fits some quality standards. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to express yourself if you are not a professional in some field. That only means that people who are trying to benefit from others by flooding social networks with terrible content won’t be awarded.

Genuine Intentions

The intention might be as important as the act itself. These days, social networks have become a place where people boost their egos by posting embellished, polished, and often misleading content. And the further this trend goes, the more damage it might cause to both creators and viewers. After all, after we log out from the virtual world, we still have to live in the reality that doesn’t allow us to choose what to post and what to hide. So, as long as people won’t have genuine intentions when sharing their stories, insights, and photos, nothing good will come out of it.

The future social networks should inspire people to share their knowledge because they want to build strong communities and help people instead of showing off. If you are saying that you are the best just to make everyone else envy, you are creating negative emotions. However, if you show the world that you are the best at something and explain how you achieved it, you might encourage other people to follow your footsteps and shoot for their goals.

Connecting to Anyone

Social networks should not be a popularity contest where cool kids only talk to other cool kids. As equal human beings, we should have a platform where everyone can reach out to anyone. Of course, you have to be prepared to give something in return if you are asking for a favor or advice. The balance has to be kept. For example, you can connect with all your favorite people (including celebrities) on Qoorio and even meet them in real life. And that one meeting can become a stepping stone to your brighter future. Other social networks are not designed to encourage such meetings and genuine connections.

We will have to wait and see what the future brings, but it is obvious that people are missing genuine connections and realness when it comes to social media networks. That is why social networks that encourage deep connections, quality, and sharing of knowledge have a higher chance of succeeding.