Qoorio Empowers the Entrepreneurial Spirit and Provides a Platform for Curiosity to Thrive

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Traditionally, we think that entrepreneurs are people who start their businesses, especially in emerging markets. However, entrepreneurship can manifest in many different shapes and forms. We all have some of it in us, no matter if we are doing arts, counting numbers, or running marathons. As long as we are interested in new ways of making some extra income and staying ahead of the competition, we are also empowering the entrepreneurial spirit. On Qoorio, curiosity is one of our biggest values, so we always welcome visionary people with bright ideas and smart goals. Also, we are continuously building and improving a platform, which already provides all the tools to become your extra source of income, knowledge, and connections.

Qoorio designer

Can an Artist Also be an Entrepreneur?

To cut the chase – yes, of course. That said, things might sound a bit more complicated when we look deeper into them. Even though the stereotypes that we used to have about different professions are shrinking, a lot of people still believe that artists cannot conduct business and vice versa. However, as humanity opens more convenient ways for people to acquire knowledge without any obstacles, it becomes evident that the easiest way to be successful is to understand many different schools of thought and to employ the best practices from each one. That means that anyone, from artists to athletes to cooks to gardeners, can have the entrepreneurship spirit that drives them forward. These people also inspire growth as they are ready to share their knowledge and create new solutions for existing problems. So, no matter what you do, if you look for solutions that might bring you some extra money and help people around at the same time, you are showing your entrepreneurial side.

qoorio artist

How is Curiosity Healing the World?

Since the beginning of days, curiosity has been the source of many innovations, discoveries, and adventures. All the great people such as Columbus, Galileo, Da Vinci, or Newton were driven by curiosity to explore the world and reveal its secrets. Of course, they have left remarkable footprints in the history of humanity, and not everyone can achieve the same results. However, as long as you stay curious and open for new opportunities and ideas, it doesn’t really matter if you change the whole world or your small community. We all have different goals and purposes in life, so everyone’s input into the wellbeing of the world is equally meaningful. At Qoorio, we have noticed the need for a platform that would spark that curiosity and motivate everyone to share their ideas instead of suppressing them. And we have created such a platform. That’s why Qoorio attracts many visionaries, professionals, entrepreneurs, and explorers who are keen to share their findings, knowledge, and know-how.

qoorio engineer

Qoorio as a Source of Income

Having money without any ideas is boring while having ideas without money is frustrating. Gladly, no one has ever said that we shouldn’t have both. On Qoorio, people with money can seek for knowledge, new opportunities, and answers to their questions. However, someone has to provide all those things to them. It means that if you have any meaningful stories, excciting experiences, and valuable knowledge gathered throughout your life, you can share them and help someone in need, while also making extra money. Such cooperation and active openness create a conscious society, where people can motivate and inspire each other.

In today’s technology world, when we can access most of the information within minutes, actual experiences become a real asset. No matter how many surfing videos you watch, if you jump straight into the ocean without first exploring the waves, there is a great chance that you will drown. We have to understand that the world works very differently than we expect it to, meaning that people who have already explored it, might be able to tell us more insights and share their tricks. So, if you have surfed in a specific part of a vast ocean and have the know-how that no one else does, it can surely become your extra income on Qoorio. On top of that, you might help someone to thrive instead of drowning, which is a pretty decent bonus, right?