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It seems that everyone around us does nothing else but build their startups. The sweet sound of the word “startup” evokes an image of a lively team working in a fancy office; however, oftentimes the startup of your dreams can become a serious headache and a source of anxiety. How to create a truly great product? What can help to secure a strong position in the market? How to replicate your model in other countries? What technical solution is needed to get the ball rolling?

Usually looking glamorous on the surface, in reality, the start of new business is full of “oops”, “I failed” or “let’s try again 10 times” moments. No one wants to repeat their own and others’ mistakes, but how to prevent them beforehand?

You can read about others’ stories on the Internet, listen to podcasts, or you can personally meet the people who have already gone through this. They will openly share the unique knowledge they’ve accumulated by both succeeding and failing.


The collectors of experiences share the impressions and discoveries they gathered on their journey to success. Take Andra Bagdonaitė as an example: to this day, she’s helped launch over 50 startups, and she can help you with that as well. Financing and strategy development are just the tip of the iceberg of all the experience Andra has gained working in the international market.

What if your business idea has already made its first steps? In that case, Martynas Gudonavičius can help you give your ideas a shape. He knows a lot of different paths leading towards a successful business. Besides, he’s invested in a few startups himself! Ask Martynas out for lunch to talk more about it.

People working at a startup

Meanwhile, Aušra Šeduikytė, the founder of a well-known fashion brand, “ATSIKELI IR VARAI”, says that working for yourself does sound like a dream until you face your first hurdles. This is when all illusions pop like a bubble. Maybe her sharing some of her mistakes could help you avoid yours?

Justas Janauskas – who is one of the founders of Qoorio – on the other hand, knows very well how to put out the fires. On the platform, he’s sharing not only how to successfully exchange knowledge but also how to deal with two businesses on your plate. This has caused him some real troubles: one time, he had to fire one-third of his employees and start building his company from the ashes. Is it possible for one person to handle such massive changes? Of course!

brainstorming ideas

The lesson here is to understand that even when you’re building a startup you’re not the only one. Many others have been on the same boat, and every single one of them had their ups and painful downs. These people are ready to share their experiences with you and even to examine your unique situation through the lens of their own knowledge. Come discover these people on Qoorio to absorb their know-how!