5 Popular Topics on Qoorio

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If you can think of a topic, you can probably find someone on Qoorio who would share their knowledge on that topic. It can be anything from traveling in Central Africa to ranking the best chips in the world. Of course, at any given time, some topics are more popular than others. It depends on many factors, including current trends, the situation in the world, values that we live by, and many more. If traveling was one of the most popular topics before the coronavirus pandemic, now it is on hold because of obvious reasons. So, what are the five most popular topics on Qoorio right now? If you think that some subjects are missing, you are always welcome to join Qoorio and share your valuable wisdom!

How to Identify What You Are Good at?

We have endless options and paths to take in today’s modern world. Of course, that is a sign that we live in an advanced society where people can make their own decisions without being judged or strained. However, that also means that we must learn to identify our strengths and understand what we want to do. Otherwise, we might get stuck in the hamster wheel, moving without actual direction. On Qoorio, there are a lot of people who share their own experiences and knowledge on how to identify what you are good at. One of those people, Esther Cook, says: “I always thought that knowing it all was the best thing. I was a jack of all trades but master of none. As time passed by, I realized that I had no identity at all! Talk to me to discover how I identify my own strengths.” Esther is also an expert in modern, Chinese, and holistic medicines, so she knows how to take care of both emotional and physical health that lead to happiness. Meet her on Qoorio, where she even shares some of her insights for free!

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Personal Finance

Taking care of personal finance is as vital as identifying our strengths and taking care of our mental health. A lot of people in the world struggle with finance not because they don’t earn enough money, but because they don’t have the basic knowledge of how to control that money. We have a lot of great personal finance professionals on Qoorio, who are willing to share their expertise and provide their personal insights on your situation. Having someone professional to delve into your current financial situation can become the best investment for your future. Paulius Čiulada is a Financial News Desk Editor at “Verslo Žinios” with years of experience covering the economic situation in both Lithuanian and the whole world. “Knowing and analyzing the financial situation in the world and Lithuania might help you make important decisions would it be establishing a new company, getting a mortgage, or dipping into investments ocean.” You can meet Paulius and many other financial experts on Qoorio!

Positive Psychology

We all know that money cannot buy happiness, though. So, when your financial situation is stable, and you have more free time, it might be a great idea to start your spiritual growth, as well. The world is a beautiful place, even despite all the turbulence and disasters. It is up to us if we decide to focus on the bad or good things that are happening around us. There are plenty of both. And as the sun rises every morning, we have no choice but to do that as well. Povilas Godliauskas, a positive psychology expert, says that it is the best to appreciate everything and accept the balance. “Many forget that overt sadness (depression) is as unhealth as over happiness (mania). Positive psychology is about how to strike a meaningful balance between the two. Learn more from a positive psychologist in training (MAPP).” We could not have said it better!

Making Income During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As much as we want to love in a balanced world all the time, sometimes scales lean toward one way or another. The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge to all of us, and it tests the maturity of our society. A lot of people have lost their jobs and have to find other ways to make money. Others have too much extra time to deal with. These things can be seen as a curse or as an opportunity. Mark Javed, a vlogger and internet entrepreneur, considers this crisis to be an opportunity. “COVID-19 is deadly not just for humans but also for our income. Being an internet entrepreneur, I can share how we can still make money during the lockdowns. Let’s connect!” You can reach out to Mark and many other entrepreneurs and maybe use this pandemic as a stepping stone to your new career!

How Can Minimalism Change Your Life?

If something, the coronavirus pandemic showed us that we don’t really need many things that we thought we could not survive without. A lot of people are discovering minimalism these days, and it is a positive change considering that the rates of consumption in the world. By living a minimalist life, not only do we have a chance to discover ourselves, but we are also creating sustainability and taking care of our suffering nature. Roberta Lekaunikaite states that minimalism has changed her life and gave it more purpose. “I have discovered minimalism as a lifestyle when I was lacking purpose and meaning in what I was doing. Today I see it as a lifestyle filled with more conscious and intentional decisions every day.” Meet her on Qoorio and find out even more about her values, views, and ideas!